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Captain Hawk Security Ltd

Captain Hawk Security Ltd has been in security industry for over ten (10) years. It is indeed a home of innovative and cut-edge security solutions engineered to tackle the various challenges faced by organizations and residences in relation to safety and security.

Backed by an industrious and proficient team, our systems are constantly monitored for maximum efficiency that helps our esteemed clients have peace of mind.

At Captain Hawk we believe that security is much more than a service, but it is a way of life. That is why our team will guide you through the necessary steps and precautions to keep you safe, while maintaining an open door for feedback to help us continuously improve our services for the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

Our Values

Our Motto: Security Redefined

We go beyond the status quo in the delivery of security services by ensuring we are not just providers but rather security partners with our clients.


To be Security Partners rather than just security providers with our clients by offering services that meet utmost international standards and satisfy our clients through commitment to integrity and excellence by a highly motivated, skilled and professional team.


To be a leading security and security service provider in a wide range of security services within Kenya and in the East African Region.

Why Captain Hawk?

Being named a Captain is name of honor that comes with great responsibility. At Captain Hawk, as captains in the security industry, we embody 3 C’s in leading their team: Caring, Courageous, and Consistent.
3 C’s

Caring: A Captain has an undeniable passion for the game, for competing, and for their teammates. They put the success of the team ahead of their own needs and are truly concerned with the well-being of all team members. At Captain Hawk Security, we treat our security guards, team members and clients with utmost respect, we consider ourselves to be family.

Captains are willing to step up. As a courageous captain, you must “walk the talk” and you cannot be afraid to compete in the worst of situations. Courageous captains set the example for the rest of the team. Your actions must embody the core values of the team, especially during times of adversity. We step up to the plate when need be in times of emergencies or any other incidences, we lead from the front.

Effective captains need to be the model of consistency. To be a consistent captain you need to hold yourself to a standard of giving 100% effort in every practice and game. At Captain Hawk, we ensure consistency in delivery of customer service in all aspects, consistency in quality service is our module of operation.

Protect your home and business premises with the most trusted security company.