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Captain Hawk Security has invested heavily in training programs. We firmly believe that training our personnel provides our customers with competent security officers with the necessary skill sets to provide above average protection for personnel, families and company assets.

Our security officers’ selection process and training are, without doubt, the most rigorous and demanding in the Security Industry. To provide quality Security Officers, all our candidates undergo a thorough background check involving the Kenya Directorate of Criminal Investigation.

CV references are checked along with previous security and work experience. Physical stature, language proficiency and educational prerequisites are a minimum requirement for all candidates. Lastly, all candidates are interviewed by a three- man senior management team to ensure we’re selecting the right people for our training program.

As a result of this, we require recruits who meet the following:-

> Have a valid Kenyan national ID card.
> Must have a valid Police Clearance Certificate from the criminal investigation department (CID), Not more than 3 months old.
> Must be of “O” level education and above.
> Must be able to speak and write in English and Kiswahili.
> Medically and Physically fit-able bodied men and women.
> Between the age of 24-35 years for ladies and age of 23-45 years for men.
> Minimum height of 5ft 8 inches.
> Dog handling techniques an added advantage.
> Have a letter of reference from their local area chief.
> Have a letter from three other referees.

Our success is based on an extensive selection process. Our selection, vetting and training procedures are exhaustive. Guards have to meet our employment criteria and pass our training course before employment.
After selecting suitable recruits who are fit to undergo training, a three-week training program is conducted before deployment.

Selected candidates embark on an intensive three week training course. The Basic Security Officer course covers a wide range of topics dealing with residential and commercial security concerns. The course will cover a wide scope of topics related to security to include:-

> Physical Fitness
> Customer Care & Public Relations
> Communication Skills
> Front Office Management
> Report Writing
> General Duties of A Guard
> Emergency Response
> Gate Keeping & Crowd Control
> Search Procedures and Vehicle Inspection
> Handing and Taking Over
> Surveillance, Patrolling & Observation
> Radio Communication
> Monitoring of CCTV Surveillance Systems.
> Burglary Prevention
> Powers of Arrest & Handling of Suspects
> Fire Fighting & Safety
> Code Of Conduct
> Discipline General
> Penal Code Sec.297
> Counter Terrorism Skills
> Rescue & First Aid
> Incident and Disaster Management

Candidates must pass two written exams and six practical exercises in order to graduate. Graduation day is attended by senior management and invited guests. It is a dual event with a military drill pass-out parade combined with self-defense demonstrations using hand-to-hand combat skills and PR-24 batons.

Finally, all our Security Officers must attend mandatory annual re-certification training. We recognize the importance of refreshing the knowledge of our security force and in upgrading courses depending upon the evolving security threats.

Our training has been developed over the years and it is upgraded continuously as methods and threats change.

Initial training is never enough and therefore all personnel will undergo refresher training. Our guards also attend parades weekly, whereby they are assessed, advised and updated accordingly. .